Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Son,

You will probably never hear this from me until these two things are true: you are old enough (20-something?) and ask for my opinion on the subject. Nevertheless, let me come out and say it: I do not believe in God. I wish that you were taught right from wrong without there being a mention of a God or promises of a happy afterlife. You can be good without God, and I’m being intentionally ambiguous. “Good” as in “happy,” but also “Good” as in “love thy neighbor” (this concept exists across many religions, so don’t take my statement as supporting Christian values as much as supporting an admirable human quality).

I wouldn’t try to instill in you atheistic values, but neither do I like the fact that you are being indoctrinated. You are a regular churchgoer. I wish, instead, that you were exposed to all different points of view. If after this exposure you find Christianity to be your call in life, then so be it. Whatever makes you happy… without harming others… or even thinking less of them.

Unless they really are stupid. 🙂

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