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I'm Fidencio Quiterio (pseudonym)

28 years of age

In a relationship with Irish Eyes

Naturalized U.S. Citizen born in Mexico

Senior at CSUN

Odd-job man at Jefferson Elementary

Brother to five, uncle of five

I love playing soccer with people of all ages

I enjoy reading and writing, as long as it's not on paper


I started driving at the age of 21 (no greencard before then)

I never met my maternal grandfather because he was killed (family feud) before my mother was born.

My father teases me calling me "Dooskee" (my nickname using Spanish phonetics)

I told my mother that I wouldn't attend my high school graduation ceremony because graduating from high school is not much of an achievement (except under special circumstances) so she'd have to wait for my college graduation in order to see me in a graduation gown.

I did menial labor at the age of 16. I realized I was not cut-out for it... getting educated became my only option.

I sometimes refer to my girlfriend as C_____ P_____ and she just looks away with a smile.

I'm all for green eyes. Mine are dark-brown, thanks for asking.

Except for sixth, seventh, and eight grades, since arriving to America (fourth grade) I've always attended school surrounded by whites and Asians. This kept me somewhat marginalized, as I was bused to these schools and saw very little opportunity to interact with schoolmates in extra-curricular activities. Which brings me to the next point...

I went through high school not knowing the meaning of "homecoming."

When riding in a car with someone, I prefer talking to them rather than listening to the radio.

The last book I read was... I can't remember.

My favorite subject is math.

I knew my timetables by second grade.

I've only had one sip of beer in my life. I was 12 and very thirsty... we were out of sodas.

My first girlfriend was Esperanza Flores Garcia. At least I think that was her name. :) We were both seventh graders at Madison Middle School.

If I only had to pick one crush from high school, it would have to be Katherine Mullally. I remember the day she entered Mr. York's tenth grade History class for the first time. She was wearing a black jacket with an orangish inside. Well, that jacket and jeans were her style. I never told her how I felt, but I did write it in my English journal. One day we were asked by our English teacher to describe our peers... Katherine described me as a koala. Knowing how I felt about Katherine, Ms. Wilson added... "Because he's huggable?" I blushed so I missed her response.

The day I graduate from college I'll be sure to thank Mrs. Gwen McClow (my itinerant teacher in eight grade) for enrolling me in the magnet program at Granada Hills High School. I had a difficult time there, but it prepared me for a succesful college career.

My best bosses have been (in order of apperance in my life) Rigoberto Rodriguez, Robbie Belcher, Alida Johnston, and Andres Chait. All will be well if I end up working with one of them once I become a teacher.

My first bike in America came from a dumpster. I sold it and used the 25 bucks I got for it to buy a BMX bike at the local pawn shop. I did all this without first consulting with my parents. My dad saw me on the street with my new bike and didn't question me about it. He has always trusted me.

For someone who's atheist, I sure bring up God a lot. I was a believer in my childhood. I have a catholic upbringing.

I have always had trouble being explained things orally. I learn more from reading.

I check my weight at least twice a month. I start freaking out as I approach 180 pounds. I've succesfully shed dozens of pounds twice in my adult life. Soon I'll do it for the third time.

I suck at doing new things, but with enough practice I become pretty damn good at anything I do.

My favorite comedians are Cantinflas and Chespirito.

I was once slapped by a girl who thought I had touched her inappropriately. I was seated behind her when her boyfriend touched her and looked away. I was in seventh grade.

Funny story... the only other time I was slapped happened in the same year. A girl had a major crush on me and I must have said something that upset her. Her best friend couldn't help but laugh when she saw this. The best friend's name was Esperanza.

Yes, that's the same Esperanza that I mentioned earlier on this page. She was actually the one that proposed we become boyfriend and girlfriend. She said we'd do it "just to make Yaneth jealous," but we ended up going serious. I think she trapped me with a lie, but I'm not complaining. :D

Ms. Benita Cooper would have us write the following standard when we'd misbehave: "I will not indulge in an unnecessary conversation while in Mrs Cooper's Class." I don't think any of us knew what all that meant. We were all Beginning ESL students.

I've been meaning to write to Robbie Belcher (former boss) to let her know she's still remembered. She was the first administrator at Jefferson I felt comfortable talking to.

I'd love to be able to play the guitar.

I would not pay millions of dollars to go to the moon, even if I had that sort of money laying around.

When I graduate from college, I intend to make copies of my degree to give to several people who touched my life during my childhood. I'll attach a brief thank you card.

I dislike people who stand outside stores collecting money for charity. I'd have to know them personally to actually believe that they are legit.

My first car was a blue 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was ten years old by the time I got it. It was replaced within two years by a 1997 Eclipse when a man in a big rig backed into it. In the past two or three years I've been driving a 1997 Ford Explorer Sports. I don't care much for new cars but I think it's time I buy a new (not previously-owned) car.

I would help my mother sell food in my neighborhood when I was approximately 12 years old. She'd cook sopes and tamales, among other things.

I've had a website since the summer of 2000. My blog has been running since mid-December 2002.

I've never been to a nudie bar. I would not want a stripper for my bachelor's party, if there's ever the possibility of one. I see no point in being teased by a woman I can't make out with.

When I was in seventh grade I saw a math formula engraved on a piece of wood hanging from the door of Mr. Longoria's class. Many years would pass before I could make sense of it. It was the quadratic formula.

Mr. Longoria was a grumpy-looking funny man.

It is my hope that one day I'll be able to take positive traits of educators I've accross in my life and make them mine. I'm aware that doing this would not necessarily make me a perfect teacher (because of subjectiveness), but it'd make me the kind of teacher who would touch the lives of many students.

Speaking of teaching, I'd attempt to take pictures of my children on their last week of class. I'd label each picture with their names and perhaps a short bio. I'd try to keep my memory fresh. One or two of them are bound to come see me, and I would love to be able to say, "Hey, Carlos, it's been a long time. Good to see you. How's your family?"

I intend to be an administrator one day, or a top-notch teacher (all certifications possible). It seems foolish for me to say this given that it has taken me nine years so far to become a teacher, but once I start teaching it will be a whole new beginning.

I do not have a favorite color.

I do not give a title to my blog entries. I hate repetitivenes, so assigning a title to each individual blog entry would have taken me more time than I wanted to give to it.

Somewhere in the near future I'll be asked by my relatives why I'm so affectionate toward my girlfriend and not toward them. This has always been the case, but this is the first time I introduce them to a girlfriend of mine.

Of all my siblings (excluding my six year old brother), I'm the one who has given my parents the least amount of trouble. My parents have had their share of disappointments via their kids.

My first useful computer was a Tandy 1000. I used to program it using QBasic. My first new computer was a Macintosh Performa 575, which my parents bought (along with a printer) for over 2000 dollars. I'd work on Saturdays to pay it off (45 dollars each Saturday), but my dad left me off the hook before I even reached 1000 dollars.

My parents have always procured to keep food on the table. My neighbors had the newest video game consoles and we had all the food we wanted. To this day that has been my policy. I drive a POS of a car, but I eat what I want.

I've been employed at my current job since December 1999. I might quit soon because I'll be student teaching.

I've never been one to make many friends, but the select few are willing to do things for me and I for them.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, has a lot of friends, and meeting them will be a bit strenuous on my hermit self. I intend to, however.

I'm the sort of man who takes up a challenge with the expectation that I will somehow benefit from it.

This is the most time-consuming about-me page I've ever prepared. You can thank the girlfriend for encouraging me to update the information about me. :)

My parents, two siblings, and I lived in one half of my aunt's living room for a bit of time. Then we moved to a bedroom she had. Next we moved to a two-room apartment (no kitchen or living room, just two plain rooms). This all happened between late March and October of 1989.

When I was still a pre-teenager, I used to come greet my father as he'd arrive home from work. I'd wait for him to turn off his car's engine and I'd open the door for him. I'd shake his hand and take his lunch box. Once home, he would sit on his chair while I'd take off his boots.

I hesitate to name my favorite shows on this page about me because I change my mind on them in a matter of months, and some time will pass before I update the information on this page. I have a strong tendency for watching sitcoms featuring black people. I've yet to be forced to watch "Friends."

I prefer watching the news in Spanish rather than in English. This tells you how far I am from assimilating.

If you make reference to a funny commercial you've watched, don't expect me to laugh. I generally don't watch commercials: I've owned a DVR for many years. I paid 500 buckaroos for the damn thing. Worth it. As I paid for it at Circuit City, the cashier looked at me and asked, "What is that?" Hehe, I'm geekier than geeks themselves.

The second time in my adult life that I shed a lot of weight involved me going jogging at 5:30 in the morning on a daily basis. I also had to half my consumption of tortillas, and I kept away from soda. Huge sacrifices, if you ask me.

I spent a good amount of time preparing this page. I hope you found it worthy of being read. It's now 10:30 in the morning of Sunday, December 17, 2006.

:: In his best Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's voice he says, "Thank you, come again." ::

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