Thursday, December 26, 2002

Let the record show that my sister is officially a Macnut, and her 4 year old daughter is on her way to becoming one. In years past, my sister used to ask me why I didn’t get a PC to replace my Performa 6200, then my Indigo iMac, and finally my iBook. She now knows better.

Yesterday she asked, “why do people get PCs knowing they are so prone to viruses?” Today she told me that she had used the PC computers of some friends, and they seemed complicated.

Later on the day, she was ready for the big jump. She bought an iMac G4 from me, and passed down an Indigo iMac G3 (which she had used for less than a year) to her daughter. She loved OSX and her old iMac just couldn’t handle it well. Besides, she wanted to burn CDs. The iMac G4 is what she wanted.

I think I made one mistake in having sold her my system… I shouldn’t have included the speakers… she listens to music 24-7! There goes the neighborhood…

What about you? Have you tried Mac OSX? You probably haven’t. Go here!

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