Saturday, August 13, 2005

Below is my fourth and last song by Los Pasteles Verdes. I love how all the songs are available in the same CD. Enjoy.


To overcome your unfulfilled promises, I sought in others the love I couldn’t get from you. I would hide my tears behind a flashy smile and pretended to have found love again. My affliction was such that I felt unloved amid a sea of women offering me their heart; I was dying of thirst under a waterfall carrying the most delicious water, had I only appreciated it as such.

Today when I saw you I stood there and gave you my best face of indifference. Unfortunately, a man might succeed in deceiving others but never in deceiving himself. It killed me that you looked so happy by his side, more so realizing that a mere glimpse of you was all it took to undo all the progress I had made until this day. Seeing you again reminded me that I love you more than life itself and that I’m destined to die loving you, whether your love is mine or not.

Hipocrecía (Los Pasteles Verdes)
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Hoy al verte con otro amor así
sonriendo tanto,
yo me quedé indiferente;
lo que hubo entre los dos
murió para siempre.
Tuve que sufrir para olvidar
todos esos falsos juramentos.

morir de sed teniendo tanta agua;
morir de amor fingiendo estar alegre;
queriendo amar y estar indiferente,

es mi sonrisa donde escondo el llanto.
Mi cuerpo tiene aquel perfume tuyo
que me recuerda como estoy sufriendo
y que de celos yo me estoy muriendo.

Hoy al verte
comprendí que solo a ti te quiero tanto
y me quede indiferente
si al lado de él ya vives tan contenta.
Tuve que sufrir para olvidar;
te amo más que a mi vida.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Be-oo-tee-fool song this one is… by Los Pasteles Verdes. Dedicate it to someone who fits the bill. (My phone number is… 😉 )


Mine are mixed emotions. At the same time that being kissed by you makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, it also reminds me of my vulnerability; your absences, no matter how brief, cause in me a void that could subsist a thousand deaths. Knowing that my loving you could turn out to be disastrous, I go to sleep each night pleading to God that I wake up the next morning no longer being captivated by your ways. Alas, it’s all futile. Every morning, as soon as light hits my eyes, I realize that fate has stored for me another day of adoring you. I seem to be left with no choice but to content myself with the idea that having you as mine makes of me the master of the universe, but also its humblest slave.

Esclavo y Amo (Los Pasteles Verdes)
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No sé que tienen tus ojos;
no sé que tiene tu boca
que dominan mis antojos
y a mi sangre vuelve loca.

No sé como fui a quererte,
ni como te fui adorando.
Me siento morir mil veces
cuando no te estoy amando.

De noche, cuando me acuesto
a Dios le pido olvidarte,
y al amanecer despierto
tan solo para adorarte.

Que influencia tienen tus labios
que cuando me besan tiemblo
y hacen que me sienta esclavo
y amo del universo.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Time must be put on hold, or I’ll be driven crazy. Tonight is our last night together, our last chance to consummate our love. She’ll depart at dawn, and a clock’s perpetual tick-tock reminds me of my cruel fate. I plead that time be held still so that our last night together doesn’t come to its end. She’s the star that sheds its light into my life, and in her absence I would become consumed by darkness.

El Reloj (Los Pasteles Verdes)
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Reloj no marques las horas
porque voy a enloquecer.
Ella se irá para siempre
cuando amanezca otra vez.

Nomás nos queda esta noche
para vivir nuestro amor
y tu tic-tac me recuerda
mi irremediable dolor.

Reloj detén tu camino
porque mi vida se apaga.
Ella es la estrella
que alumbra mi ser;
yo sin su amor no soy nada.

Detén el tiempo en tus manos.
Haz de esta noche perpetua
para que nunca se vaya de mí;
para que nunca amanezca.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

With the right amount of air flowing into it, and with the precise amount of passion, a man’s whistle is just as good as a saxophone. Sitting on a bench at work, with no one in sight, I played over and over again a song by Los Pasteles Verdes.


Tonight I wish to reminisce those unforgettable moments you and I shared together. As I reminisce, I want to turn my thoughts into poetry, and poetry into prayer. A prayer that portrays the strong love I felt for you. A love so strong that makes it hard for me to believe you’re no longer here, with me, as you were yesternight, admiring the sky, the moon, and the stars.

Recuerdos de Una Noche (Los Pasteles Verdes)
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Quiero recordar esta noche
momentos que no volverán.
Y hacer de aquellos poemas
tristes como una oración.

Una oración que tiene mucho amor
como el que yo te tuve alguna vez.
Tanto amor que no puedo explicar
porque ya no estás aqui.

Junto a mí como ayer en mis brazos
mirando al cielo, la oscuridad.
Y así estoy recordando tu amor.

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