Tuesday, January 6, 2004


Tonight we’ll love each other as never before. We’ll stay up past dawn, keeping the momentum going. We’ll spend these hours as if they were our last, however absurd that may be. The fact of the matter is that we love each other. Everything else is irrelevant.

Tonight we’ll make love with our souls exposed. Never mind people. They cease to exist the moment we shut the door. A love like ours is rare, lets not let it go to waste. No, baby, we mustn’t. Instead, love me and allow me to love you my way. Embrace me because my body craves yours. Let people say what they will. Just love me and allow me to love you. Lets make of tonight a follow-up to a special night we experienced some time ago…

That night, it was not the stars that drew attention; it was you. You brightened up the universe with that warm, melodious voice of yours that everyone heard, which said to me “I love you.”

That night, four grasshoppers could be heard murmuring that magical verse that were your sweet words. Aside from them, it was just you and me, alone in the dark, living the flourishing of a dream. My soul was experiencing things never felt before.

That night was memorable, and tonight is to be even more so. Tonight we are to love each other in unbounded ways…

Hasta Que Amanezca – Esa Noche (Joan Sebastian)
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Hoy nos amaremos
hoy nos quedaremos hasta que amanezca
Hoy lo viviremos
y que nos importa que absurdo parezca

Nos amamos, esa es la verdad
Nos queremos, es la realidad
Lo demás que importa?

Hoy nos amaremos
hoy navegaremos con el alma abierta
Olvida la gente
ellos ya no existen al cerrar la puerta

Este amor no es fácil de encontrar
No lo vamos a desperdiciar
No, mi amor

Amame y dejame amarte a mi manera
Tomame, sediento de tí mi cuerpo espera
Amame y dejame amarte a mi manera
y que diga la gente, lo que quiera

Esa noche
esa noche las estrellas no brillaban
Brillabas tú
en todo el universo

Era tu voz
la tierna melodía
que haciendo eco
“Te amo” repetía

Esa noche
esa noche cuatro grillos murmuraban
letra por letra aquel mágico verso
Eramos dos y un sueño florecía
Eran las dos y en mi alma amanecía

Amame y dejame amarte a mi manera
Tomame, sediento de tí mi cuerpo espera
Amame y dejame amarte a mi manera
y que diga la gente, lo que quiera

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