Sunday, January 25, 2004

Riding in Barry’s car a few years ago, I brought my left fist to my eyes because I felt a tear coming. He knew about me being heartbroken, but not even that would give me the freedom to cry in his presence. I pressed my teeth together to remain as strong as I could be. It was not enough. Tears rolled down from both my eyes…


— What has she done to you, dear friend? She has turned you into a different man.
— I don’t know what she has done to me, dear friend. Everytime I see her coming my way she lowers her eyes and tries to change her path.
— Then, dear friend, it’s not meant to be.
— But friend, if I tried my best to get over her, I’d fail. I’d only come to conclude that I’m destined to desire her. See, for example, it has only been four or five days since I last saw her sitting at her window, but to me it seems much longer.
— Well, friend, if you didn’t see her today, you shall see her tomorrow.
— No, that would be too long. If I have to wait another day, I might as well die…

Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer (Pedro Infante)
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Qué te ha dado esa mujer
que te tiene tan engreído, querido amigo
Querido amigo
yo no se lo que me ha dado

Cada que la veo venir
se agacha y se va de lado, querido amigo
Querido amigo
ese amor no puede ser

Si el propósito
lo hiciera de dejarla
mi destino es comprenderla
y no olvidarla

Cada que la veo venir
se agacha y se va de lado, querido amigo
querido amigo
valdría más mejor morir

Hace cuatro o cinco días que no la miro,
que no la miro sentadita en su ventana.

Si no la miraste hoy
ahi la mirarás mañana, querido amigo
querido amigo
valdría mas mejor morir

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