Saturday, March 20, 2004

Not as true here in the United States as it was in the part of Mexico that I’m from, but the policy is… harm and be harmed; kill and be killed. It’s how my grandpa lost a brother; it’s how my grandpa became a killer; it’s how he later became the killed. (My grandpa’s brother is said to have beaten his wife. Siblings of the wife killed him. My grandpa avenged his death, and later lost his life in the hands of family members of the guy(s) he had killed.)

Avenging deaths is not an affair left only in the hands of men. This is the ballad of Maria…


“I want to attend that party,” said the beautiful Maria. The mother responded, “You shouldn’t go, daughter of mine. Juan Renteria, the coward, will be there.”

“I can’t live like this, always kept within these four walls. I carry with me my gun so that I can defend myself. I’ll return very early in the morning, wait up if you desire.”

The party had started. Music could be heard. Upon making her entrance, the man stared at Maria, admiring her beauty. Juan Renteria approached her, bad intentions in mind.

It was rumored in town — in fact, it was in everyone’s lips — that Juan had killed Mr. Sotero, father of Maria. He took him to a solitary place where he could do as he pleased — kill Mr. Sotero without being seen.

“Lets dance, Maria,” said Juan the coward. She responded, “You well know I wouldn’t dance with you. You killed my father, and having a feeling that you’d be here, I came to kill you.”

From inside her purse she pulled the gun she carried. Her eyes were so bright by the ire she had contained for so long. Moments later, Juan fell to the ground.

La Venganza de María (Los Cadetes de Linares)

Quiero asistir a ese baile
dijo la hermosa María
y le contesta su madre
No puedes ir hija mia
ahí  andará ese cobarde, llamado Juan Rentería

No puedo estar encerrada en estas cuatro paredes
llevo mi pistola escuadra para poder defenderme
Vendre por la madrugada
esperame si tu quieres

Dio principio la función
Una redova se oia
Los hombres con devoción admiraban a María
Con una mala intención se acercó Juan Rentería

Se rumoraba en el pueblo, todo el mundo lo decía
que Juan mató a Don Sotero
que fue el padre de María
lo venadeó en el potrero
pa lograr lo que quería

Vamos a bailar María
le dice Juan el cobarde
Sabes que nunca lo haría
tu asesinaste a mi padre
Presentí  que aqui andarías
por eso vine a matarte…

Del interior de su bolso
saco el arma que traía
Le desteyaban los ojos
por la furia que sentía
y en medio del alboroto
cayó muerto Rentería

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