Sunday, June 6, 2004


As I hand you my very last rose, I only ask one thing of you; tell me where you’re going. What did I do that has caused you to want to leave? Be sincere. Be honest. Tell me.

Feel free to leave when you please. We both know you can live without me. But I do wish you’d give me another chance, telling me how I can go about fulfilling every need and whim of your heart. If you choose not to grant me that wish, at least tell me…

Where are you going? What are you expecting to find there? What happened in our home that has caused you to want to leave? True, in your quest you may come upon a castle, but you might also end up in the humblest corner of the humblest shack; both far from what you had here with me… in what was for a long time our loving home.

A Donde Vas? (Los Bukis)
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Nada más dime una cosa
tomando mi última rosa
a donde vas
y dime que te molesta
se sincera, se honesta,
y dimelo

Puedes marcharte si quieres
Al fin tu sin mi no mueres
lo sabes bien
Solo quiero me des tu perdón
como hacer feliz a tu corazón
y saber
a donde vas

A donde vas?
Qué encontrarás mas allá?
Puede ser algo mejor
un castillo hecho de amor
o algún rincón

A donde vas
porque tienes que partir
Dime que es lo que pasó?
En esta casita que es
nuestro vivir

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