Saturday, July 3, 2004


Now that you’re no longer mad at me — because you agree that I’ve paid for my mistakes — I speak sincerely when I say you’re the love of my life. I won you over with my frankness. I lost you with my lies. You well know how high a price I had to pay as a result of these lies. Mind you, the pain I had to cope with can be easily spotted by taking a quick glimpse at my soul.

I don’t blame you for never returning. In fact, I’d understand if you were to forget me. But there is something I — the SOB who has caused you suffering — must say to you: thank you for having loved me. True, I now have to settle with having to reminisce on our past together, but even that is much better than never having had you as mine. By merely existing you brought light into my life.

Being able to re-live in my mind our past together means I can die a satisfied man. You were mine, and that suffices. Thank for having loved me.

Gracias Por Tanto Amor (Joan Sebastian)
MP3: Listen/Escuchar [Off]

Ya calmados tus enojos,
ya pagados mis errores,
yo tengo que decirte mi verdad:
Tú eres el amor de mis amores

No te culpo si no vuelves.
Te comprendo si me olvidas,
pero algo más te quisiera decir
el maldito causal de tus heridas:

Gracias por tanto amor;
Gracias por existir;
Gracias por darle el sol
a mi vivir.

Gracias por tanto amor;
Gracias por existir;
Pensando en lo que fué
puedo vivir.

Te gané con mis verdades.
Te perdí por mis mentiras.
Sabras que es caro el precio que pagué.
Sabrás de mi dolor si mi alma miras

(2), (3)

Gracias por tanto amor;
Gracias por existir;
Pensando en lo que fué
puedo morir…

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