Monday, August 2, 2004

People worthy of admiration? Couples who’ve been together for ten, twenty, fifty years and that after such a long time they still remain convinced that they were meant for each other.


Just like in the days of our youth, my heart claims yours as his. In the time we’ve remained together, our hair has gone from black to white and our kids have become adults themselves, but one thing remains the same… my absolute love for you.

Beautiful wife, may God always have you as mine — allowing nothing to take you from me, except, perhaps, for death — and may a love like ours never again be seen or heard of.

Mi Linda Esposa (Bertin y Lalo)
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Como en aquellos tiempos
de nuestra juventud,
mi corazón añora
tu juventud de rosas.

Yo aún sigo enamorado de ti,
mi linda esposa.
Yo aún sigo enamorado de ti,
mi linda esposa.

Ya nuestro pelo negro
de blanco se vistió.
Ya nuestros hijos viven
la juventud hermosa


Que Dios te guarde para mí
Que nada me separe de ti
solo la muerte.
Amor como este
jamás ha de existir.

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