Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In the past, I have allowed women to easily rid themselves of me. For the first time in my life I feel signs of a willingness to put up a fight.


I sing next to your window in an attempt to make you aware of how I feel. Although I get no love from you, I can’t help loving you. People say I’m wasting my time, and that I should wake up from my dream. They say that in order to make you mine I must possess astronomical riches, and that in addition I must hand you the moon and the stars. Well, people are mistaken. I am not about to rid the sky of its moon and stars. Nor will I offer you any riches, but rest assured, though, that you will become mine… regardless of how much effort and time it takes.

Don’t get me wrong; I know you’re not the only woman out there. I’m also aware that plenty of them would become mine without me making the slightest effort. However, my heart has chosen you and I will not allow yet another of its desires to go unfulfilled. God knows my heart has suffered enough and its turn has come to experience joy. I leave it in your hands to make things right.

Serenata Huasteca (Jose Alfredo Jimenez)
MP3: Listen/Escuchar [Off]

Canto al pie de tu ventana
pa’ que sepas que te quiero.
Tú a mí no me quieres nada
pero yo por ti me muero.

Dicen que ando muy errado
que despierte de mi sueño,
pero se han equivocado
porque yo he de ser tu dueño.

Que voy a hacer
si deveras te quiero.
Ya te adoré
y olvidarte no puedo.

Dicen que pa’ conseguirte
necesito una fortuna;
que debo bajar del cielo
las estrellas y la luna.

Yo no bajaré la luna
ni las estrellas tampoco.
Y aunque no tengo fortuna
me querras poquito a poco.

Que voy a hacer
si deveras te quiero.
Ya te adoré
y olvidarte no puedo.

Yo sé que hay muchas mujeres
y que sobra quien me quiera.
Pero ninguna me importa
solo pienso en ti morena.

Mi corazón te ha escogido
y llorar no quiero verlo.
Ya el pobre mucho ha sufrido
ahora tienes que quererlo.

Que voy hacer
si deveras te quiero
Ya te adoré
y olvidarte no puedo.

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