Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Greg signed my guestbook, and at the same time that he expressed gratitude for my work, he also expressed his disappointment for my omission of “Nuestro Juramento,” the song that rose Julio Jaramillo to fame. “Nuestro Juramento” is actually one of my favorite songs by Julio Jaramillo. It was only a matter of time before I featured it in my site, and that time has come…


I can’t bear seeing you sad. Because your sorrow becomes my own, I plead that you cease to question my love for you. Don’t be oblivious to the fact that we are bound together by a commitment.

If I die before you do, every tear you shed is to fall over my grave so that the whole world comes to know I was loved by you. If you pass away before I do, I am to write the story of our love — using as ink the blood discharged by my agonizing heart. This is all part of a covenant between you and me, the foundation of which is our promise to love each other for as long as we live, as well as beyond our death.

Nuestro Juramento (Julio Jaramillo)
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No puedo verte triste porque me mata
tu carita de pena, mi dulce amor.
Me duele tanto el llanto que tú derramas
que se llena de angustia mi corazón.

Yo sufro lo indecible si tú entristeces;
no quiero que la duda te haga llorar.
Hemos jurado amarnos hasta la muerte
y si los muertos aman, después de muertos amarnos más.

Si yo muero primero es tu promesa
sobre de mi cadaver dejar caer
todo el llanto que brote de tu tristeza
y que todos se enteren de tu querer.

Si tu mueres primero yo te prometo
que escribiré la historia de nuestro amor
con toda el alma llena de sentimiento
la escribiré con sangre, con tinta-sangre del corazón.

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