Thursday, December 28, 2006

In Spanish, “querer” and “amar” are used interchangeably to express love for someone. “Querer,” however, is love to a lesser degree. Or so argues José-José in his song titled “El Amar y El Querer.”


Almost all of us are capable of “querer,” but few know how to love. They are, indeed, two different things.

Love can be represented by (natural) light, the heavens, the never-ending sea. Love is total fulfillment of glory and peace.

“Querer” does not go beyond making love to someone over a short amount of time and for mere fulfillment of carnal desires; there’s biting instead of kissing, scratching instead of caressing.

He who loves seeks to serve the woman he loves, always giving her his all, never a hesitation to place his own life aside.

A man who “quiere” seeks to experience a moderate amount of joy so that when his relationship ends he’s able to move on with ease, thus, averting pain.

In summary, whereas “querer” can result in short-lasting joy, love is the fulfillment of all things good… with the strong potential to bring a man to his doom.

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