Thursday, August 18, 2005

Am I like El Palomito? I don’t know… I’m curious myself.

A simple song with a strong message…


I saw two doves atop a tree. One dove sang to the other, begging her to return to their nest, assuring her that he would be relentless in his pursuit. Seeing her lack of interest, the dove stopped singing and suggested that she fly across the prairie and try her luck.

A long time passed. Atop another tree, even farther away from home, I caught eye of a disillusioned dove. Next to her was a tenacious dove: “Let’s go home to our nest,” sang the forgiving dove, still living up to his promise and clinging to a dream.

El Palomito (Los Cadetes de Linares)
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Una palomita blanca
de piquito colorado,
ayer yo la vi llorando
en las cumbres de un guayabo.

Currucú, currucú
le cantaba el palomito.
Currucú, currucú
que volviera a su nidito.

Blanca palomita vuela,
vuela por esa pradera.
Aquí te estaré esperando
aúnque de dolor me muera.

Currucú, currucú
le cantaba el palomito.
Currucú, currucú
que volviera a su nidito.

En las cumbres del guayabo,
muy lejos del palomar,
ahí estaba la paloma
llorando sin descansar.

Currucú, currucú
le cantaba el palomito.
Currucú, currucú
que volviera a su nidito.

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Not as true here in the United States as it was in the part of Mexico that I’m from, but the policy is… harm and be harmed; kill and be killed. It’s how my grandpa lost a brother; it’s how my grandpa became a killer; it’s how he later became the killed. (My grandpa’s brother is said to have beaten his wife. Siblings of the wife killed him. My grandpa avenged his death, and later lost his life in the hands of family members of the guy(s) he had killed.)

Avenging deaths is not an affair left only in the hands of men. This is the ballad of Maria…


“I want to attend that party,” said the beautiful Maria. The mother responded, “You shouldn’t go, daughter of mine. Juan Renteria, the coward, will be there.”

“I can’t live like this, always kept within these four walls. I carry with me my gun so that I can defend myself. I’ll return very early in the morning, wait up if you desire.”

The party had started. Music could be heard. Upon making her entrance, the man stared at Maria, admiring her beauty. Juan Renteria approached her, bad intentions in mind.

It was rumored in town — in fact, it was in everyone’s lips — that Juan had killed Mr. Sotero, father of Maria. He took him to a solitary place where he could do as he pleased — kill Mr. Sotero without being seen.

“Lets dance, Maria,” said Juan the coward. She responded, “You well know I wouldn’t dance with you. You killed my father, and having a feeling that you’d be here, I came to kill you.”

From inside her purse she pulled the gun she carried. Her eyes were so bright by the ire she had contained for so long. Moments later, Juan fell to the ground.

La Venganza de María (Los Cadetes de Linares)

Quiero asistir a ese baile
dijo la hermosa María
y le contesta su madre
No puedes ir hija mia
ahí  andará ese cobarde, llamado Juan Rentería

No puedo estar encerrada en estas cuatro paredes
llevo mi pistola escuadra para poder defenderme
Vendre por la madrugada
esperame si tu quieres

Dio principio la función
Una redova se oia
Los hombres con devoción admiraban a María
Con una mala intención se acercó Juan Rentería

Se rumoraba en el pueblo, todo el mundo lo decía
que Juan mató a Don Sotero
que fue el padre de María
lo venadeó en el potrero
pa lograr lo que quería

Vamos a bailar María
le dice Juan el cobarde
Sabes que nunca lo haría
tu asesinaste a mi padre
Presentí  que aqui andarías
por eso vine a matarte…

Del interior de su bolso
saco el arma que traía
Le desteyaban los ojos
por la furia que sentía
y en medio del alboroto
cayó muerto Rentería

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Here’s another one by “Los Cadetes de Linares”. Be warned, though, things get a bit bloody… 😀


They call me “The Assassin” out there, and I’m known to be sought by the authorities.

In a moment of jealousy, blinded by love and the pain it led to, I killed the woman who robbed me of my dignity, my being, my life, and my heart.

She’s now in heaven, being judged by God. If from up there she can see me, she’ll know that I was right in doing what I did, and that I reacted that way because I adored her.

Let justice sentence me to 20 years in prison. With pleasure I’ll pay for my crime, but first I must also take revenge on he who made of me a criminal.

The authorities are after me, but I won’t turn myself in just yet. First I must get ahold of the other person responsible for ruining my life, so that I can rip-open his heart.

El Asesino (Los Cadetes de Linares)
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Me dicen el asesino por ahi
y dicen me anda buscando la ley
porque maté de manera legal
la que burló mi querer

En un momento de celos maté
cegado de sentimiento y dolor
la que burlaba mi honra y mi ser
mi vida y mi corazón

Ya está en el cielo juzgada de Dios
y allá de lo alto si acaso me ve
sabrá la ingrata que tuve razón
sabrá cuanto la adoré

Veinte años que de sentencia me den
con gusto voy mi delito a pagar
pero antes quiero vengarme también
del que me hizo criminal

Va la justicia buscandome a mí
mas no me entrego hasta ver la ocasión
de ver a el otro que me hizo infeliz
y abrirle su corazón



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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Mmm, the following song sounded so good on my way home from CSUN. It’s the experience of a man still feeling the presence of the woman who used to keep him company, but at times he realizes that he’s deceiving himself, because she’s long been gone. And when he realizes his deception, tears follow…


No, don’t you worry about me. All remains the same, as when you were here. True, there’s no longer a warmth felt in the house, but your scent still remains and your presence is still felt.

The fountain has dried, the bird died, but other than that, there’s nothing new. Well, it’s also true that the roses are no longer blooming, and the love of my life is never to return, but other than that, there’s nothing new.

Our children inquire about you whenever they see their father almost cry himself to death. I wish I could miss you, so that I could scream my lungs out, asking you to return. But no, your presence is still felt… all remains the same.

Really, everything remains the same. The frames are hanging from the wall, just as you placed them. Your sandals are where they belong. And even your bathing suit is where you left it. The only thing that has changed is the mirror. Now, whenever I see it I see a figure reflected in it. A figure with deep shadows under his eyes, and wrinkles are starting to emerge on his face; the face that many times you caressed.

I wish I could miss you and implore you to return, but nothing has changed, all is the same. Don’t you worry about me. All is as it was, as when you were still here with me…

No Hay Novedad (Los Cadetes de Linares)
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No, no te preocupes por mí
aquí todo sigue igual
como cuando estabas tú

Sí, es cierto que no hay calor
ni en la casa y el olor
de tu cuerpo sigue igual

Ya, ya la fuente se secó
el canario ya murió
pero aquí no hay novedad


Es cierto que el rosal ya no da flores
ni el amor de mis amores
nunca más ha de volver

Los niños me preguntan por su madre
cuando miran que su padre
ya se muere de llorar

Quisiera que me hicieras mucha falta
y gritarte que regreses
pero aquí no hay novedad


Deveras que todo sigue igual. Los cuadros cuelgan de las paredes como tú los colocastes. Tus sandalias están en su lugar. Y hasta tu bata de baño está donde la pusiste tú. Lo único que ha cambiado es el espejo. Ahora, cada vez que lo veo me refleja una figura con unas sombras profundas bajos mis ojos, y unas arrugas que empiezan a amenazar mi rostro; el rostro que tantas veces acariciaste tú.



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