Friday, November 18, 2005

I guess is now accepting requests. 🙂


Hey I ran across your website. Wow. You’ve put some work into it! I am getting married on new years eve and to make this a short story, I need a translation of “Te Amo” by Nicho Hinojosa to include in the pamphlets. There’s a couple of lines that my level of Spanish doesn’t comprehend EXACTLY what the meaning is, so I don’t want to be embarrassed when it plays for our first dance! =) If you could do me this favor, I’ll owe you one.


When I first read the message above, I thought, “Sure, why not.” I’ve featured some of Nicho Hinojosa’s songs on my site, but considering my nitpicking attitude toward music, I thought the song I had agreed to translate would be to my dislike. To my great fortune, it was Nicho’s version of Franco de Vita’s “Te Amo”! What a beautiful song. It was my pleasure translating it (but that doesn’t mean I’m exempting Jonathan from sending me a scanned image of his wedding pamphlet :)). I hope it’s to your liking, Jonathan.


We were a sight to behold. Seated face to face, the moon illuminated us and made our moment together the more special. We spoke a little bit of everything, and somehow we found infinite things to laugh about. At last, there was a moment of silence. I took your hands in mine and our eyes locked in. At that moment in time nothing seemed worst than never seeing you again. Furthermore, I couldn’t wait to take you in my arms and express what I felt for you:

“From the very moment I saw you, I knew my long wait had come to its end. You were exactly as I had seen you in my dreams, and I have loved you ever since. Te amo…”

Te Amo (Nicho Hinojosa)
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Y si nos hubieran visto
estábamos ahí sentados,
frente a frente.
No podía faltarnos la luna;
y hablábamos de todo un poco,
y todo nos causaba risa,
como dos locos.

Y yo que no veía la hora
de tenerte en mis brazos y poderte decir:
te amo, desde el primer momento en que te vi;
hace tiempo te buscaba y ya te imaginaba así;
te amo, aunque no es tan fácil de decir
y defino lo que siento con estas palabras…
te amo, te amo.

Y de pronto nos tocó el silencio,
y nos miramos fijamente, uno al otro.
Tus manos entre las mías.
Tal vez nos volveremos a ver;
mañana no sé si podré.
Que estás jugando? Me muero si no te vuelvo a ver…

Y tenerte en mis brazos y poderte decir:
te amo, desde el primer momento en que te vi;
hace tiempo te buscaba y ya te imaginaba así;
te amo, aunque no es tan fácil de decir
y defino lo que siento con estas palabras…
te amo, te amo.

Te amo…

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Life has its share of surprises, and one such surprise was seeing you the other day. For a long time I thought you were part of my past, and no longer relevant. Then, when I saw you, I felt a spark within me; it wasn’t long before this spark ignited a dynamite, causing everything within me to crumble.

I looked at you and wondered, “How are you, my love? Are you sincerely happy?” Alas, neither of us said a thing. I could have told you with utmost sincerity that I’ve missed you like I never would have imagined possible, and that I have failed to come across someone who can fulfill me… like you once did.

How about you, my love… how goes it?

Como Te Va Mi Amor (Nicho Hinojosa)
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Que sorpresas da la vida;
encontrarte en plena calle
fue una chispa en mi equilibrio,
dinamita que estalló.

Te encontré un poco más flaca.
Fue mirarte y derrumbarme
te creía asunto olvidado
y otra vez me equivoqué.

Como te va mi amor, como te va,
era el silencio la pregunta entre tu y yo.
Eres feliz mi bien sin engañar,
porque a mi puerta el amor nunca volvió.

Fue un encuentro tan pequeño
que no pude sincerarme
y decirte te he extrañado
como nunca imaginé.

Desde entonces como espuma
crece un miedo a quedar solo,
porque no he encontrado a alguien
que me llene igual que tú.

(3), (3)

Porque el tiempo ha sido aliado
madurando este querer
no debimos separarnos
fue un error, ahora lo sé.

Como te va mi amor, como te va…

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Monday, December 13, 2004


I’m aware of your plan to walk off. Do as you please. If he has given you more love and has successfully filled your life with joy, I’ll just have to accept my defeat. There’s no need for you to feel bad for me. Go on if you must. I’ll stay behind. Come to me when you need someone to talk to, for I’ll listen with pleasure.

However, I had hoped you would stick around for a long time. Alas, water, like time, must run its course. You don’t have to stay any longer to hear me out. I won’t hold it against you that you have found happiness elsewhere. Rejoice on one of the beauties of life — love. My turn will come later, with or without you. Life must go on. Someone will come and take your place, if need be. In the meantime, give me time and space to cope with my defeat…

Un Buen Perdedor (Nicho Hinojosa)
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Sé que piensas marcharte, ya lo sé
y no te detendré.
Haz lo que tú quieras.

Sin embargo recuerda que yo
estaré aquí en el mismo lugar,
y si sólo tienes ganas de hablar
con gusto escucharé.

Y si él supo darte más amor,
supo llenarte más que yo…
Claro que sé perder.
Claro que sé perder.

No tienes por que disimular.
Esas lágrimas están de más
Si tienes que irte, vete ya.

Sin embargo esperaba que te quedaras,
pero el agua hay que dejarla correr.
Mientras yo me tragaba palabras
que no pude decir.

Y si el viento hoy sopla a tu favor
yo no te guardaré rencor…

No, claro que sé perder.
No será la primera vez.
Hoy te vas tú y mañana me iré yo.

Seré un buen perdedor.
El mundo no cambiará.
Alguien sin duda ocupa tu lugar…

(5), (6), (7), (8)

Seré un buen perdedor…

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