Saturday, February 14, 2004

During the months Amber and I spent together, I was up in heaven and never thought I could fall. Prior to her, I had not known love. Now that I was experiencing love, life had a meaning. However, that meaning was lost when I fell from heaven. I fell deep into the grasp of hell.

For a long time hell refused to let me go, and for just as long my savior-to-be refused to let me rot there. Nicole held on to me, enduring the tragic experience that is being with a man whose heart is reluctant to cede space to a new lover. She waged a battle that no other woman before her had been willing to wage for me. A battle that I, myself would not wage for a woman. Little by little my heart softened. Little by little hell loosened its grip on me.

Hell is a thing of the past. Heaven is closer. I see the door. Soon I will knock, and I know the door will open…:)

This one’s to love… my first, my next…


It all began the day that she entered my life. With a mere hello she brought to me the joy that long ago I had lost. She would not stop there, however. She proceeded to fill my heart and soul with love. She made of me a happy man.

Ever since she entered my life, I have not felt lonely. In fact, I’ve come to forget the pain that used to fill my life. Instead of pain, now I deal with joy… the joy that is being able to feel her presence everywhere I go. More of life I cannot ask.

Historia de Amor (Olimpo Cárdenas)
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Ella trajo a mí la dulce historia de lo grande de este amor
Solo ella pudo comprender mi soledad
Soy uno más que ya encontró felicidad

Ella trajo a mí las alegrías que algún día yo perdí
Entró a mi vida y llenó mi corazón
Con un saludo a mi alma la incendió con tanto amor

Ya no estaré nunca más solo
Con su amor mis penas viejas yo ya olvidé, si siempre estás…

Y donde voy, tu estás conmigo
Mi dulce amor, tu estás conmigo
No pido más, no pido más…



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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Strange that I can’t tell a girl that I love her, yet I can’t imagine life being the same without her. I’d be alright most of the time, but I know that I’d crave her presence and wish we hadn’t ended our thing.

Strange that I’m able to remain faithful to her, even willing to turn down women at one point I desired, yet she’s never seen me being my most loving, as loving as I’ve only been at one period in my life.

Strange that I’ve come close to making a decision regarding us, that can affect my life in infinite ways, yet she thinks I’m only using her as a stepping-stone.

I can’t tell her that I love her, yet I wouldn’t do something so serious that would cause her to want out of our relationship. I cherish her. I’d want her to stick around with me for as long as possible.

These past weeks I’ve been content with life. That’s an improvement! I’m not happy yet, but she’s leading me there. She’s filling up a hole that at one point was so deep it had no bottom. She’s healing a wound that at one point seemed incurable. I’m confident that if she sticks around long enough, she will find herself with a seeing man who was once blind, a hearing man who was once deaf, a speaking man who was once unable to speak. It’ll be me, having healed completely, loving my healer…


Through my eyes you’ll see my sadness. In your dreams you’ll hear a voice. It’s the voice of your saddened heart, in its desperate state telling you, “Please leave. What are you waiting for?”

When you’ve become convinced that my feelings for you are not sincere, I will not say a word upon seeing you leave. Be aware, however, that I’ve never betrayed you, I promise by God and heaven. No one can be more faithful than I am, or love you as I will.

La Voz del Corazón (Olimpo Cardenas)
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Atraves de mis ojos
puedes ver mi tristeza
Atraves de tus sueños
vas a oir una voz

Es la voz del corazón
que grita con dolor su pena
y en su desesperación te dice “por favor, que esperas?”

Cuando ya te convenzas
que mi amor no es sincero
no diré una palabra
al mirar que te vas

No he llegado a la traición
lo juro por mi Dios y el cielo
Nadie puede ser mas fiel
ni querer como yo te quiero



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