Saturday, June 26, 2004


She’s the sweetheart who was sent from heaven for me to love. If you were to catch the look on my face as I observe her you’d quickly infer who she is and what she means to me.

To me, with her around there’s no such thing as an unbearable plight. To her, there’s no plight that I can’t help her overcome. I’m made so happy just hearing her speak. I’m fortunate; unworthy of her.

Mi Cariñito (Pedro Infante)
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Cariño que Dios me ha dado
para quererlo,
cariño que a mí me quiere
sin interés.

El cielo me dió un cariño
sin merecerlo.
mirándo yo a esos ojitos
sabrán quien es…

Con ella no existe pena
que desespere.
Cariño que a mí me quiere
con dulce amor.

Para ella no existe pena
que no consuele.
Mirándole su carita
yo miro a Dios.

Ay, que dichoso soy,
cuando la escucho hablar.
Con cuánto amor le doy
este cantar…

Ay, que dichoso soy.
Con ella soy feliz.
Viva su vida,
mi cariñito que tengo aquí.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


You averted your eyes as you walked by me. Your indifference did not allow me to expose my inner-most feelings. I was forced to see without being seen, and speak without being heard.

I’m deeply hurt to think that I’m not even worthy of your disdain. Nonetheless, you remain attached to my being. In fact, if I’m to live 100 years more, they will be 100 years spent thinking of you.

Cien Años (Pedro Infante)

Pasaste a mi lado,
con gran indiferencia.
Tus ojos ni siquiera,
voltearon hacia mí.

Te vi sin que me vieras.
Te hablé sin que me oyeras.
Y toda mi amargura,
se ahogó dentro de mí.

Me duele hasta la vida,
saber que me olvidaste.
Pensar que ni desprecios,
merezca yo de tí.

Y sin embargo sigues,
unida a mi existencia.
Y si vivo cien años,
cien años pienso en tí.

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Riding in Barry’s car a few years ago, I brought my left fist to my eyes because I felt a tear coming. He knew about me being heartbroken, but not even that would give me the freedom to cry in his presence. I pressed my teeth together to remain as strong as I could be. It was not enough. Tears rolled down from both my eyes…


— What has she done to you, dear friend? She has turned you into a different man.
— I don’t know what she has done to me, dear friend. Everytime I see her coming my way she lowers her eyes and tries to change her path.
— Then, dear friend, it’s not meant to be.
— But friend, if I tried my best to get over her, I’d fail. I’d only come to conclude that I’m destined to desire her. See, for example, it has only been four or five days since I last saw her sitting at her window, but to me it seems much longer.
— Well, friend, if you didn’t see her today, you shall see her tomorrow.
— No, that would be too long. If I have to wait another day, I might as well die…

Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer (Pedro Infante)
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Qué te ha dado esa mujer
que te tiene tan engreído, querido amigo
Querido amigo
yo no se lo que me ha dado

Cada que la veo venir
se agacha y se va de lado, querido amigo
Querido amigo
ese amor no puede ser

Si el propósito
lo hiciera de dejarla
mi destino es comprenderla
y no olvidarla

Cada que la veo venir
se agacha y se va de lado, querido amigo
querido amigo
valdría más mejor morir

Hace cuatro o cinco días que no la miro,
que no la miro sentadita en su ventana.

Si no la miraste hoy
ahi la mirarás mañana, querido amigo
querido amigo
valdría mas mejor morir

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Many girls have liked me (seriously! ;)), and almost all of them were liked by me. But many more girls were liked by me and never found out of it. I’ve never been the sort of man to like and tell, unless I have reason to believe I’m liked, too. (And boy, have I misjudged a bunch of times! Hehe.) My tendency to keep my feelings to myself may be why I never kissed Leticia (my crush in 4th grade), Beatriz (6th), Rocio (7th), Anel (8th), Melissa (9th), Catherine (10th)… well, you get the point! 😀 But if one day — finding myself single and infatuated — I decide to trade my sighs for tears of joy, this is the sort of attitude I’d want to make my own…


I’ve arrived; the man who wants to make you his, but whose feelings you fail to reciprocate. I’ve made my way to your window, across which I know you’re hiding but avidly listening. I’ve come to serenade you — as I have been doing for many nights now. The truth is, I’ve come so many times that I have ran out of things to say and songs to sing. Furthermore, not having anything to show for all my efforts, sometimes I wish I could damn you and give up, but I can’t; I’ve come to accept the fact that I was born to adore you.

Man, oh man, this luck of mine is failing me. My heart is calling your name, and you fail to respond. For that reason I’ve come to interrupt your sleep. I beg you to forgive my impertinence. I’m just the poor bastard who’s losing sleep over you. I spend my nights hoping that I’ll see the day when you’ll give me the chance to show you my worth.

My luck isn’t too bad, though. I’ve been told things about you, see. I’ve learned about some of your likes and dislikes. Please forgive my cockiness, but I’m quite certain that among your likes is my coming here every night to sing to you. 🙂 So tomorrow night I’ll be here again, and the mariachis will be with me. In fact, we’ll be at your window every night of your life, until my passion fades. In other words, better stop wishing for a quiet night — it won’t happen… ever. I’ll be singing by your window every night of your life, until you finally give in and allow me to be the most fortunate man on earth… your lover.

So good-night for now, but tomorrow night I shall be back to serenade you some more — whether you’re enjoying this or not! 😉

Tu Enamorado (Pedro Infante)
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Ya llegó tu enamorado
al que nunca correspondes
ya llegó hasta la ventana
desde donde tu lo escuchas
pero donde tu te escondes

Ya no sé ni que decirte
Ya ni tengo que cantarte
Yo quisiera maldecirte
pero ya estoy convencido
que nací para adorarte

Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay ay-ay-ay
La suerte me está fallando
Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay, corazón
la vida me estás cambiando

Ya llegó tu enamorado
el que te interrumpe el sueño
ese pobre desgraciado que anda siempre desvelado
porque quiere ser tu dueño

Alguien me contó tu vida
Supe de tus ilusiones
Yo no sé si me equivoque
pero casi estoy seguro
que te gustan mis canciones


Ya se va tu enamorado
Ya se va de tu ventana
Ya ni debo despedirme
porque sé que aunque no quieras
voy a regresar mañana

Mientras la pasión me dure
y tu voluntad me aguante
no habrá noche de tu vida
que no vengan mis mariachis
y mi voz a despertarte


Ya se va tu enamorado…

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Monday, December 1, 2003

Happy Birthday, Nicole. 🙂


May God be on your side, and may your heart be at ease. Lead a life full of happiness, allowing nothing to stand on your way and no one to corrupt your way of thinking. If you succeed, a crown will be placed on your head; a crown worth all the gold and shells of the seas.

The stars are brighter than ever, the moon is filled with joy, and the angels sing in unison. All because today is your birthday. May God bless you, the woman I adore, and this, a fortunate day, your day of birth. Allow your friends, relatives, and me to celebrate with you.

En Tu Día (Pedro Infante)
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Celebremos señores con gusto
este día de placer tan dichoso
que tu santo se encuentre gustoso
y tranquilo tu fiel corazón

Vive, vive feliz en el mundo.
sin que nadie perturbe tu mente
y pondremos un laurel en tu frente
con el oro y las conchas del mar

Dios bendiga este día venturoso
y bendiga la prenda que adoro,
hoy los ángeles cantan en coro
por los años que vas a cumplir

Las estrellas se visten de gala
y la luna se llena de encanto
al saber que hoy es día de tu santo
Dios bendiga este día de placer


Solamente un recuerdo ha quedado
de la infancia que al fin ya pasó
celebremos tu día tan dichoso
tus amigos, parientes, y yo.

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