Thursday, April 26, 2007

The corrido of Aurelio Bustos recently became one of my favorite ballads. This song by Los Magallones features bravery, treachery, and also love/respect for one’s parents. It took me a whole lot of work, but maté el gusanito in creating a karaoke of the song. And of course, it includes an English translation…

[flv:corridodeaurelio.flv 320 240]

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sometimes a man likes a song precisely because it expresses the opposite of what he feels.


You gave up everything you had with me, so I no longer want anything to do with you. Seek a new chance at love elsewhere and with someone else.

No Quiero Que Vuelva (Los Magallones)
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No quiero que vuelva
otra vez conmigo.
No quiero que vuelva
a buscar mi amor.

No tienes derechos
a pedirme nada.
No tienes derecho
a buscar mi amor.

Sigue tu camino
y no te veas perdida.
Busca nueva vida;
busca nuevo amor.

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Sunday, August 8, 2004


Your eyes are so beautiful they can cause a man’s heart to miss a beat. Myself, I’m driven crazy by them. Upon seeing you for the first time I ran after you and having caught up, I stood there, right in front of you, just contemplating them… their beauty caused me to lose my speech.

Tus Ojos Me Vuelven Loco (Los Magallones)
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Tus ojos, tus ojos me vuelven loco.
Tus ojos, tus ojos me van a matar.
Tus ojos, tus ojos me vuelven loco.
Tus ojos, tus ojos me van a matar.

Yo te ví, corrí desesperado.
Te alcanzé y pude contemplar
la belleza de tus ojos vida mía.
Me miraron, yo no sabía que hacer.

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Saturday, May 1, 2004


I wish to buy from life five cents worth of joy. As I’m poor, five cents is all I can afford to pay to be able to kiss you as I have you in my arms. If afterwards — finding myself no longer with you — I become the most miserable man in existence, so be it, just as long as I get my five cents worth of joy… with you.

Cinco Centavitos (Los Magallones)
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Quiero comprarle a la vida
cinco centavitos de felicidad
Quiero comprarle la dicha
pero soy muy pobre
esa es la verdad

Quiero tenerte en mis brazos
tan solo un minuto y poderte besar
Y aunque después no te tenga
y viva un infierno de angustia y penar

Y aunque me mata la angustia
de saber que fuiste y ya no serás
Quiero comprarle a la vida
cinco centavitos de felicidad




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Sunday, February 29, 2004


Would you believe me if I told you that your beauty is a reason of concern to me? It’s so. I wonder why you didn’t leave long ago, when I could have withstood the experience. It’s now too late… you’ve become my Goddess.

My being despairs and my heart trembles to only think that one day you’re to walk away from me. I suppose there’s nothing to be done of it, considering how plagued with envy the world has become. I can see it now, a man will enter your life and will try to make you his. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have it any other way… I’ll remain yours, and you mine; what the world has to say of it is of no importance.

Con Mi Dolor Profundo (Los Magallones)
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No sé porque me pongo triste
cuando te veo hermosa
No sé porque no te me fuiste
antes de ser mi diosa
No sé porque no te me fuiste
antes de ser mi diosa

Se desespera mi existencia
y el corazón se agita
solo al pensar que un día te vayas de mí
Pero presiento cuanta envidia
florece por el mundo
De todos modos seré tuyo
con mi dolor profundo
De todos modos seré tuyo
con mi dolor profundo

Yo no te culpo
ni provoco celos
ni dudo de envidias
ni dudo de ti
Pero presiento cuanta envidia
florece por el mundo
de todos modos serás mia
y aunque le pese al mundo
de todos modos serás mia
y aunque le pese al mundo

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Sunday, June 8, 2003

Today I did a search for “Los Magallones” through Google, and guess whose page was at the very top?! Yup. 🙂 And to celebrate, I’m going to share what is perhaps my favorite corrido sang by them. A “corrido” can be described as a Mexican folksong usually telling how a notorious man came to his death.

As I understand it, sometime in the 1970s there lived a man in a town near my hometown. He was a common man, until the day he killed some animals (cattle, perhaps) that belonged to a neighbor. The animals had tresspassed his property. This incident might have given rise to his name, “La Mula Bronca.”

The owner of the animals wasn’t going to let things be. For that reason, La Mula Bronca would not be at ease ever again. The Policia Judicial and Policia Motorizada wanted to put him in jail. For the death of the animals? No, probably not. That was only the beginning of his troubles with the law. People speak of human deaths.

The police sought him, and when they’d find him he’d escape. There were many deaths, just not his. That was the case until a 7th of November, many years after he had become a wanted man. Folks say he killed over ten men before he met death himself.

I tried translating his corrido, but its translation was coming out too cheesy. Heck, even his name is cheesy when translated into English. So cheesy he’d probably step out of his tomb for a moment just to come and hit me upside the head for translating it. So we’ll leave it at that, “La Mula Bronca.” Or simply… La Mula.

I can, however, cite part of the corrido. It says that on the day of his funeral the Motorizada came into the town where it was being held. They wanted to remove him from his funeral and put him on fire. The Motorizada despised him even in death.

The Motorizada had its plans. It didn’t occur to them, however, that even dead they would not be able to do with him as they pleased. Two men stood in their way. One was Fidencio Soriano who “tiraba sin descansar” — fired nonstop. The other was Guillo Quiñonez. Together, “los retacharon pa’tras” — they sent them back to where they came from.

Curious to know what La Mula Bronca’s corrido sounds like? Reach me and I’ll hook you up, since you can’t find it at 🙂 Here are the lyrics, though…

La Mula Bronca (Los Magallones)

Voy a contar un corrido, me deben de dispensar
Les voy a dar a saber lo que pasó en Juchitán
Matarón [a] La Mula Bronca por no saberse tantear

El dia 7 de noviembre, salierón de Huehuetán
Iban al pueblo de Cuaji, un cheque iban a cambiar
Y de ahi se aregresaron, al pueblo de Juchitán

Cuando salieron de Cuaji, ya los andaban tanteando
Era la motorizada, que los venia patrullando
El comandante primero ya los cargaba de encargo

Al llegar a Juchitán, llegaron donde Michona
La Mula la saludó, “Muy buenas tardes señora,
Sirvame cuatro cervezas, y prenda la sinfonola.”

Llego la motorizada, la hicieron descañonar
Entonces dice Michona, “Ahi viene la judicial”
La Mula le contestó, “Nada nos puede pasar,
Yo soy amigo con Meza y me puede resguardar.”

El comandante llegó, demonstrando su valor
Quizo cuellar a La Mula, La Mula se le safó
Desenfundó su pistola, y un cargador le vació

La Mula se alevantó, pero si muy enojado
Le dijo que de el gobierno, “Nunca he de ser desarmado”,
Luego mató al comandante, tambien mató a otro soldado

El amigo Faustino Ruiz era hombre como cualquiera
Se mató con un soldado, se tiraron cerca, cerca,
Uno cayó para adentro, el otro cayó para afuera

Fue fuerte la balacera, como dos horas tardó.
Sonaban los M-1, todo el pueblo se asombró
También La Mula mataron, porque el parque le faltó

Alevantaron los muertos, al pueblo de Huehuetán
Los llevaron a sus casas para poderlos velar
Los velaron en la noche, y hasta llevarlos a enterrar

Volvió la motorizada al pueblo de Huehuetán
Querian llevarse a la mula porque lo querian quemar,
Porque les habia hecho un daño que no podian soportar

Ya iban bien hecho sus planes, pero les salieron mal
Porque Fidencio Soriano tiraba sin descansar
Los dos con Guillo Quiñonez los retacharon pa’tras

La mula ya se murió, debemos de recordarla
Pero ahi les queda un amigo que también muere en la raya
Se llama Victorio Hernandez, alias “La Mula Con Rabia”

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Saturday, April 5, 2003

Unlike in past days when her being gone was a good thing, because it’d give me time to myself to do homework, Nicole being gone Thursday evening had a negative effect on me. I felt lonely. Julio Jaramillo and Los Magallones played through my computer, aggravating things. It used to hold true that in lonely moments I used to wonder what Amber was doing at that precise moment. Now, being lonely means that events that took place as a result of her betrayal replay in my mind over and over again.

A bench in Hollywood High School is where I rested, under a tree that lost had its leaves — it was Fall of 1999. The sun shined through it branches, giving me an excuse to cover my eyes with my palms. It would be better that way, because then I’d be able to wipe my tears with ease and without being too obvious, if someone approached.

A bus going through Hollywood Boulevard, in the City of the Stars, carried a distressed passenger. People sat to his left, to his right, and in front of him. He could not see them clearly. His view was blurry. It’s hard to see through tears.

The seats of the football stadium at Los Angeles Valley College is where he sat to view an empty field. He was the only one there. That’s what he needed, privacy. He needed time to think.

A bridge in North Hills was crossed by the same man to be interviewed for a job at an elementary school. He had never been interviewed for a job before. He wasn’t nervous at all because his mind was elsewhere, preoccupied with other things.

A classroom in the school where he had been hired is where the man was, staring at the walls, the ceiling, the board, anything. There were students giving the teacher trouble, but the man was not aware of it. He was daydreaming.

He laid in bed with a girl he was seeing. He held her in his arms. He looked at a clock and asked himself, “Where is Amber?”

It’s in the last few months that I’ve lived better days. Hmm, Los Magallones are playing a song right now that carry a message for Nicole. Let me end this entry with its lyrics (translation, not word-for-word)…


I carried so much burden on my soul, that when I saw you, I never thought that I’d ever have someone, again. You’re my new lover. And although I’m aware that I shall suffer as a result of that, even to the point of losing my life, I can assure you that you shall be my consented one. And nobody shall be loved, as I will love you. Make our thing sacred. Don’t let other people’s views have a say on what’s to become of us. My heart shall remain in your arms, when once and for all you’ve decided I’m the one.

Mi Consentida (Los Magallones)

Llevo tantas penas en el alma
Que al mirarte a ti nunca pense
Que pudiera al fin otra vez tener

Eres mi nuevo amor sutel
Y aunque lo pague con el precio de mi vida
Y aunque comprenda lo que tengo que sufrir
Puedo jurar que tu seras mi consentida
Y que a nadie quiero tanto como a ti

Haz que contigo mi calvario se haga santo
Nada me importa lo que digan los demas
Mi corazon se ha de quedar entre tus brazos
Cuando al fin estes cansada ya de tanto amar

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